A reliable, height adjustable reclining chair for showering and toileting
Handicare's Height adjustable tilting shower chair is an assistive tool allowing the person to take a seat down efficiently and without difficulty during showering or toileting. It is furnished whole with toilet rails and may be used freestanding, with a bucket that's available as an accessory, or standing over a lavatory.

The height of the seat can also, without problems and smoothly, be adjusted to between 580 and 1040 mm. These capabilities allow the caregiver to usually work ergonomically when assisting the person; while not having to bend over, and without pressure at the again, shoulders, fingers, and knees as a result. The extensive range of seat heights additionally helps transfers and permits the caregiver to preserve eye touch with the consumer for the duration of washing and showering.

Two versions of manual or powered operation

Height adjustable tilting commode/bathe chair is available in editions. One functions manual peak adjustment (using a hydraulic pump) and guide tilting operation (the use of a gas spring). The different version features powered/electric powered height adjustment and tilting operation using a far off-managed battery. The powered variant is well insulated and protected (IP X5) to ensure that water can't come into touch with the electric additives.

Comfortable and sensible bathroom seat

Both editions of Height adjustable tilting commode/shower chair characteristic a tender and relaxed toilet seat with an open the front making it less difficult for the user to reach special body elements without status up. The seat may be placed on the frame with the hole to the front or the again of the chair. The bench also can be eliminated for less difficult cleaning.

Replacement seats and an insert for the toilet starting are to be had as accessories.

The removable bathroom rails for the bucket are located immediately underneath the seat, preserving the distance between the bucket and the toilet seat to a minimum for advanced hygiene.

Excellent returned support for accelerated comfort and safety

The backrest of the chair is curved and features a robust textile protecting which is firmly connected to the body and which adapts to the body temperature for the duration of use. This creation creates a depth which gives the extra guide for the edges of the consumer's body in addition to an extra feeling of protection, that's an awful lot like with the aid of users.

The chair additionally presents the lumbar guide for the decrease back. This prevents the user from slipping backward while the chair is reclined.

Optimal aid for the head

Supporting the pinnacle is crucial while the chair is in the reclined role. To offer the friendly viable guide, Height adjustable tilting commode/shower chair is geared up with a headrest with adjustable top and depth. The masking of the headrest is concave, thereby efficaciously preventing the user's head from slipping.

Strong, practical armrests

Height adjustable tilting commode/shower chair features robust, realistic armrests designed to withstand a variety of load, which includes the sideways forces which can be exerted in the course of sideways transfers.

The armrests offer comfortable help for the forearms while sitting and they're lengthy sufficient to provide sustained support when status up and sitting down. The armrests may be folded up, in my opinion, e.G., To facilitate sideways transfer. When folded down, the armrest rests at the back of the backrest thereby preventing arms, pores and skin or hair from getting caught.

Height adjustable, swing-away footrests

The footrests are individually height adjustable and may be swung away no longer to get in the manner for the user all through sitting down or standing up from the chair. If necessary, the footrests can also be eliminated.

The chair is likewise geared up with a detachable calf guide imparting consolation and help for the consumer's legs while the chair is in the reclined position.

Durable, double broken castors

Height adjustable tilting commode/bathe chair is the cell, geared up with four plastic castors with a diameter of one hundred twenty-five mm, making the chair very clean to transport between extraordinary places as well as to manoeuver, turn and alter to unique positions in numerous settings and conditions.

The castors are extraordinarily robust and feature an extended song report of use in wet environments along with toilets. The dual brakes on every castor make sure that the chair remains in a stable, fixed position while offering care and acting transfers.

Both versions of Handicare's Height adjustable tilting commode/bathe chair is available in polished chrome steel and lined stainless-steel in numerous colorations (white, black, crimson, blue, cream). The backrest cover is crafted from woven polyester with plastic coating available in impartial white shade simplest.

The restroom seat and the armrests are crafted from polyurethane (PUR) foam with a closed cell structure and to be had in anthracite shade most effective. Height adjustable tilting commode/bathe chair is furnished entirely with the safety belt, lumbar help, calf guide and removable rest room rails for buckets with a diameter of three hundred-315 mm.

Tilting commode/bathe chair without height adjustment

Handicare's variety of tilting commode/shower chairs additionally includes a model no longer providing peak adjustment; Tilting commode/Shower chair. Please click the link at the lowest of this web page for more facts.

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