Helpful Advice For Camping and Caravanning in France
After a six week ride that blanketed maximum of France and a significant number of campsites, we notion we'd pass on among the matters that we observed first hand. We traveled to France with certain preconceptions, so with a bit of luck, this article will help to sort the truth from fiction.

Reverse polarity on electric posts
This isn't always a delusion in France! Several of the websites we visited had the stay, and neutral wires crossed their plug sockets. If you haven't heard of this, then it's miles genuinely pretty easy in concept. Old Euro plugs had two pins and will grow to become upside down, so switches in Europe are typically double-pole (i.E., They reduce the connectivity on both the stay and impartial wires while you turn off).

This more protection has made European electricians a piece lazy on the subject of wiring plug sockets. They regularly do not seem to care whether or not the live and neutral wires are converted.

Now, as a UK tourist, your gadget will make probable work first-rate while you plug it right into an opposite polarity socket. The hazard is that it will still be 'stay' even supposing you switch the wall switch off and it appears to turn off.

This is due to the fact within the UK we normally use single-pole switches, most effective cutting the stay wire feed (but don't forget the impartial twine is 'life' on a reversed socket).

For instance, in case you have been converting a bulb, it'd nonetheless be sitting in a stay lamp becoming - potentially dangerous stuff.

Fortunately, the solution is straightforward. Get a polarity tester and a crossover cable, and you are ready for something. Your nearby caravan supplier may want to provide the expert recommendation on this. However, the parts are easily offered and self-explanatory in use.

If you're ready with the essential abilities, then the last answer for a caravan is to get a polarity checker and changeover unit this is truly stressed out between the inlet socket and your transformer.

Plug sorts on campsite power towers in France
You will nevertheless find a mix of the older French-fashion plug (2 pins plus a socket for earth) plus the brand new-fashionable three pin cable connection as used on most UK websites.

Get a two pin (plus earth socket) adapter to suit on the quiet of your widespread energy cable, and you will be quality. This turned into a 50/50 socket cut up on our travels, so do not gamble in this!

Pitches are occasionally a protracted way from the power posts - so take a protracted cable!

Campsite crime
We had put those reviews all the way down to urban delusion, but regrettably, our studies proved that that is very tons something to bear in mind. Campers are extremely inclined as they need to bring their papers, documents, and coins with them.

Criminals recognize this! We stayed at notable campsites in beautiful rural regions of France and yet during our lives we had been round the following incidents at two specific websites in exceptional areas:

These thieves are unbelievably ambitious. They wander into campsites and slice open, occupied Best Shower Tent in numerous locations and reach in for bags, automobile keys, wallets, etc. Our advice is to maintain these items inner your napping bag or locked in your car! Look out for any spots presenting smooth intruder access (together with near fences or rivers) and pitch someplace else.

Pitch space
This varied extensively throughout websites, and not using a direct dating between pitch value and size. Research carefully and in case you cost your space then possibly p.C. A windbreak to avoid getting hemmed in (humans have one-of-a-kind thoughts on a non-public area as you travel around Europe - defend yours!)

WIFI availability
Most big websites now offer WIFI, but the fee varies hugely. We found unbiased sites tended to provide it without spending a dime or for possibly a couple of Euros. Ours enjoy with certainly one of the larger chains (Castles) changed into that they desired EUR5 for a WIFI consultation - outrageous at this point. Don't forget about you can get unlimited free WIFI at McDonald's (and their espresso isn't horrific).

And subsequently...

Toilet paper
Take your very own into the shower block...It's miles regularly no longer furnished!

Happy camping

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